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I’m very excited to post this article from a guest contributor and my wife, Christine.  As an Interior Designer in Highland Village, TX, Christine has helped hundreds of homeowners with fresh ideas about furniture, decor, and home remodeling.  Let’s take a look at that worn out staircase carpet and see what we can do.  ENJOY! – Ashley

Is your staircase looking a bit sad?  Have you been dreaming about a beautiful staircase that adds style and class to your home?  Maybe the carpet on your stairs is so worn out that it’s becoming an eyesore.  If any of the above sound familiar, don’t feel alone.

Many of the homeowners I meet with for design consultations really want to replace their staircase carpet with something better.  But replace it with what?  Let’s take a look at one of my favorite features in a home and one that I get a lot of questions about: The staircase.

Most of the typical homes that I see in the North Texas area feature a staircase somewhere in or near the front entry, putting the staircase in view of visitors and guests as they come in the front door. Everyday builder-grade carpet and even many upgrade plush carpets just don’t have the kind of construction or density needed to stand up to such a high traffic area.  These simple carpets are stretched around the front edges of the treads, the very area that dirty shoes step on over and over again.

If your home already has or you are about to upgrade to wood flooring, a custom crafted wood staircase would certainly fit right in.  Coming in with a price tag of $4,000 or more, a wood staircase might be out of reach for some homeowners or might be overdoing it compared to the neighborhood.  For the budget-conscious homeowner, I have a fresh suggestion: patterned carpet.

Patterned carpets are offered with gorgeous colors, smart patterns, and hundreds of options to compliment any interior style.  Some of the more popular styles resemble exotic skins (Leopard and Zebra), geometric designs, or traditional floral rugs.  Are they durable?  You bet.  These carpets are made of synthetic materials so they are very stain resistant and don’t require specialized care.  Most of these carpets are very dense and resist compression much better than plush carpets.  This means that the fibers won’t lay down and stay down.

Since the colors and patterns are generally bolder, most customers want to keep a simpler plush or wood flooring on the second story landing.  To make the change from bold carpet to other flooring types, we’ll install a wood transition at the top of the stairs called a stairnose.  Limiting the carpet replacement to only the stairs prevents the domino effect that most homeowners are afraid of.

When upgrading the staircase with a patterned carpet, I highly recommend the use of a 10-lb carpet pad for added stability and a richer feel.  The time frame needed to complete the job is only a few hours.

Style, durability, options, price, convenience, and quick turn-around are all reasons why I recommend patterned carpet to many of my clients. If you haven’t done anything to improve the look of your stairs, take a look at patterned carpets.

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