Six Advantages Of Water-Based Polyurethane

HSW Floors continues to lead the way by successfully using water-based polyurethanes for wood flooring in Dallas.  If your flooring contractor is using the stinky old oil-based polyurethane, I suggest you take a look at the real advantages of water based sealers and finishes.

1) More Durable

The Taber Abrasion machine was used to test our preferred water-based finish (Basic Coatings – Streetshoe 275) against the leading oil-based polyurethane.  This test determines a coatings resistance to abrasion such as scuffing and erosion from surface friction.  Test results concluded that the water-based finishes were 5 times more resistant than the average commercial-grade oil-based urethane.

2) Less VOC

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids.  These gases can have adverse health effects. They also combine with other elements in the presence of sunlight to form smog, a major air pollutant. Thus the government has begun restricting the amount of VOC’s that can be included in certain products.

  • Waterbased coatings typically have half as much VOC content as the traditional oil-based polyurethane finishes.
  • Basic Coatings waterbased finishes produce less odor than fragrant OMU’s.
  • Green: Several of Basic® Coatings waterbased fi nishes meet the strictest of government regulations and LEED requirements.

3) Faster Dry Times

Water-based coatings dry in 2 to 3 hours.  Oil-based dries in 8 to 24 hours.  Multiple coats of water-based finish can be applied in one day with job taking less time and back in use faster.

4) Faster Cure Times

Water-based coatings take only 7 days to come to full cure as compared to 30 days with oil-based coatings.  Our preferred water-based finish is 90% cured in only 24 hours, which means less downtime before the area is safe for use.

5) Less Yellowing

Water-based finishes retain a clear, non-yellowing appearance.  Oil-based finishes will turn an unsightly yellow with age and UV exposure.  If the deep, enhanced look of oil-based finishes is what your project requires, we use a water-based finish that incorporates an organic tung oil for deeper color but will retain clarity over time without yellowing.  It’s the best of both worlds.

6) Non-Flammable

Oil-based polyurethanes contain petroleum distillates, which are combustible or flammable. Water-based finishes are neither combustible nor flammable.  The vapors of OMU’s are also combustible or flammable. Mineral spirits or solvents are needed to clean applicators or accidental spills when using OMU’s. Rags and other materials that have residue from OMU’s on them must be stored in safety containers to prevent spontaneous combustion.

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