Wood Floor Repairs

Whether you have a solid wood floor or and engineered wood floor in need of repair, HSW Floors can make it look like it never happened.

Wood floor repairs come in many varieties:

  • change in floor-plan or cabinetry and need flooring to fill in the blank space
  • a small area repair from a water leak or spill
  • a complete flooring replacement from a plumbing failure
  • surface damage from a deep scratch or impact
  • surface damage from a chemical
  • dull surface appearance from chairs or high traffic

HSW Floors can usually offer an appropriate repair, recoat, or replacement of your damaged area ON THE SPOT and schedule the work right away.

One visit from HSW Floors and we’ll evaluate and offer possible remedies for your particular situation.

The big box stores and the surplus outlets avoid these types of calls because they don’t have the expertise to handle them.  Not so with HSW Floors.  We continue to be a valuable asset to our clients with a deep knowledge of flooring and other construction methods when a tricky repair is needed.

Please give us a call today.

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