Wood Floor Recoating

Did you know that most wood floors can be recoated?  What’s that??

Most wood floors have a protective clear coat on them which seals out water, stains, and other contaminants from the absorbent wood.  This clear coating is what we call the “finish” and it doesn’t last forever.  Fortunately we’ve been using floor coatings for years and if your floor is in need of a recoat, HSW Floors can take care of you.

Don’t be tempted to try to “restore the shine” with one of those miracle cure squirt bottles that promise to fix up those worn out looking floors.  None of the products sold in retail stores have the capabilities that the professional products do.  Polyurethanes are designed to be abrasion and chemical resistant but if you recoat with one of those cheap mop on solutions, a real recoating might be tough.

A professionally applied recoating system such as the one made by Basic Coatings is designed as a process, not just a product.  We start with a deep cleaning of the surface of the floors to remove any stubborn residue, stains, and build-up that other floor cleaners leave behind.  The bonding coat or screen sanding (depending on the application) is designed to provide a compatible surface for the new coating to adhere to.  Without this step, the new coat wouldn’t stick and would likely delaminate in a short period of time.  The new clear coat should last 4 to 8 years or more and should stand up to the daily abuses of family life.

If you’re floors look worn and dull, please don’t wait.  Call today.  If you’re floors go unprotected for too long, recoating may no longer be an option.  And you’ll be looking at either refinishing or replacing your wood floors.  OUCH!

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