The following applies to solid wood floors that have just been finished or refinished:

Please make sure that all furniture that sits directly on the hardwoods or may be placed on the hardwoods at any time are protected with new felt pads.  For chairs and barstools that see heavy use, these pieces may need to be replaced once a year.  No rugs may be placed on the hardwoods for at least 30 days after the final coat is applied.  It is recommended that you do not clean the floors with any kind of liquid cleaner for the first 30 days.  Sweeping with a m.  Rugs on the hardwoods must be breathable with no rubber or plastic liner.  Consider purchasing a recycled denim rug pad if you need one.

Cleaning hardwoods (after 30 days):

Keeping a wood floor clean and tidy is easy with the right products, whether its a custom finished hardwood, prefinished floor, or laminate.  In all cases I heartily recommend Bona’s Hardwood Floor Mop available at Lowe’s for only $39.98.  If you can’t find this product, a good sturdy flat swivel mop with microfiber pads that attach with velcro is exactly what I use in my personal home along with a wood floor spray which is residue free and pH neutral.  Distilled water can be used too, just sparingly as a spray.

Tips to avoid damaging your floors:

Bad stuff: We do not recommend the use of the following products under any circumstances: conventional vacuum cleaner with beater brush for carpeting, solvents or thinner, vinegar, bleach, ammonia, windex, pledge, murphy’s oil soap, swiffer, steam cleaner, Bona polish, OrangeGlo 4-in-1, Holloway House quick shine, Swiffer or Fabuloso.

If you have a housekeeper, make sure that the right cleaning products are provided and used.  Even experienced housekeepers get this wrong more often than they get it right.

Floors should never be mopped with a sponge or wet string mop as too much moisture on the floor can cloud the coating and soak into the wood, causing really bad damages.