How To ACE Your Wood Flooring Project

You’ve made the decision to upgrade the flooring in your home. GREAT! In today’s home improvement market, there’s no better time than right now.

Studies have shown that investing in your home with projects such as hardwood flooring will not only improve your home’s value but will also influence your decision to stay in your home longer, which could be a good choice with factors such as rising interest rates. 

With the help of these six tips, you’ll be ready to give your home the royal treatment without experiencing a royal pain.

#1 – Find the time. Look at your schedule and find the right time in the next month or so to have some inconveniences.  You don’t want to be hosting the big game out in the garage so check your calendar for events and holidays.  If you want to be home while the improvements are underway, that’s fine with us.

#2 – Write out your schedule. Talk to your lead contractor about what to expect on what days.  Have them draw out a calendar with a start date and a finish date.  If there’s multiple contractors involved, have them note the calendar what to expect on what date.  And always leave a little bit of wiggle room in there.  If something unexpected comes up, you’ll appreciate the breathing room.

#3 – Make your selections. If custom wood floors or paint or tile is involved, try to have all of your colors selected in advance.  Knowing what you want is key to enjoying what you get when it’s all finished.  If you have questions or if you are uncertain about specific selections, consult a friend or a designer who can get you off the fence.  Making changes mid-stream can mess up your schedule.  If you put on the brakes, expect the journey to take longer.

#4 – Have a contact. A good lead contractor will make him or herself available to your questions and concerns.  Don’t settle for the office number.  Get a cell number of someone who is in charge so you can reach someone if the unexpected happens on a Sunday afternoon and you MUST get someone on the phone immediately.

#5 – Have a plan for yourself. If you’re replacing flooring in the kitchen, make plans to eat take out.  If you’re replacing the flooring in your laundry room, remember that the washer and dryer might be out of commission for a few days.  Take your time and get it right.  Again, leaving some breathing room in the plan for the unexpected delay.

#6 – Keep the end in mind. The remodeling process isn’t always fun and your home may carry some emotional weight with it.  Remember to be patient and try to envision what the finished product will look like.  Have your collection of samples handy if you know you’ll want to refer to them in the process.

HSW Floors has installed beautiful hardwood flooring in Plano, Dallas, and surrounding cities; while providing homeowners with a great experience.  If you’re looking for an expert in wood floor remodeling, contact HSW Floors and schedule your convenient in-home appointment today.

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