Engineered Floors Can Be A Good Fit

In today’s market there are hundreds of options when it comes to selecting an engineered, prefinished hardwood floor for your home.  Step into any flooring retail store or show room.  You’ll see what I mean.  There’s just so much to choose from.

Every year these big name engineered flooring manufacturers create fresh new models.  New colors, textures, fancy names that sound more like Italian culinary creations than wood floors.  As romantic as they sound, does any of this “sexy sizzle” highlight something worth looking at?  I think so.

Engineered, prefinished wood floors are more convenient (in the short term), more consistent, and offer variation in size, color, and wood species that aren’t available or feasible in a solid wood floor.

Here’s a legitimate reason for the manufacturers to produce engineered wood floor instead of solid floors out of the same raw material.  Imagine that you have wood stock in a very exotic species of wood.  If you cut that into ¾” thick millstock, you’ll get the least amount of wood floor square footage to sell to the public.  But let’s say that you take that same amount of raw material and cut it down into 1/8” pressed veneers and glued that to a plywood core.  You’d get six times the amount of sellable material out of the engineered method as compared to the solid millstock.

When an engineered wood floor is processed in a facility, the staining and sealing procedure is able to produce a more consistent product.  It’s predictable.  The sample will look exactly like the product in the box.  The installer doesn’t have to stain or seal or do anything that affects the color, taking the risk out of the purchase for the end consumer.

With respect to convenience, an engineered, prefinished floor already comes ready to install with the color and finish already built in.  There’s no sanding, no buffing, no sealing.  So the installation only requires that the floor be attached to the subfloor.  Voila!  Ready to walk on in three days.

Contrast this against a solid wood floor installation which may take two to three weeks from start to finish.  Sounds like a pain?  Sure, but some homeowners are still choosing solid floors and we’ll examine some of the reasons why in another article.

HSW Floors installs engineered wood floors in Dallas, TX and surrounding cities.

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